Doge Day

The first annual event, honoring and celebrating the 18th birthday of Kabosu, and the unveiling of the Bronze Doge


Henlo and woof fellow Shibes. OwnTheDoge, CoinPost, Atsuko Sato, Sakura City and National Day Calendar are excited to present the first official Doge Day!

Earlier this year, OwnTheDoge organized a Pilgrimage to Japan to “Meet The Doge”.
It looked like this:

Now we are hyped to do it again but bigger, so we’ve teamed up with ShapeShift, NFD, insrt, SARAH, and DefiTed.

Doge Day is going to be a celebration of the life and times of Kabosu.
There will be food, entertainment, surprises and very special guests.
November 2nd is Kabosu’s 18th birthday, AND it’s the grand unveiling of the Bronze Doge Statue, AND we’re filming an important scene for the official Doge documentary, AND it’s been registered with National Day Calendar as Doge Day. Much WOW!

It will be a global media event, and we want you at the party.
We are looking for sponsors and VIPs to join a group of the biggest Doge heads in the world.
The day itself will be free to the public, and a family friendly affair, but we’re building an epic VIP Ticket Package for only the Dogeliest.

Atsuko and Kabosu smiling in the sun, with a windmill in the background

The VIP Ticket Package includes:

The only thing you have to sort out is your flight.

Kabosu and her fans in samurai dress

Oh noes! Early Bird VIP Tickets are sold out! But fear not! You can still get a free ticket and rock up in Sakura (Japan), or buy a Main Release VIP ticket for $1690 +fees.

Click HERE to go to Eventbrite.

If you want to buy a ticket with crypto, chat about sponsoring, or ask any Dogely questions, get in touch with The Doge Day Team Project Lead: Salad Pingers

The Bronze Doge Statue was produced as a collaboration between OwnTheDoge, The Dogecoin Foundation, Feisty Doge, The DogePound and Rainbow.

It was funded by the international Doge community and built in Japan by Takenaka Douki.